Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Hannah

Hannah is celebrating her 2nd birthday so her mom decided to do elmo theme. Masa mama hannah call yaya , im so exited to draw for lil hannah sebab theme dia , yaya blom pernah buat lagi . She even order the big banner with hannah picture on it! Suka2. hehe

So after semua dah ok yaya send. But something happen. For the first time as me handling all my courier item, this time my parcel send to her tak sampai! Seriously sedih betul tau! According to yati (hannah mom) , dia siap call PPM and orang tu berdolak dalik cakap macam2. Even we all check on their site dah tulis attempting delivery , tapi tak sampai2... Kesian gila kat hannah. 

But then, itulah mybe takde rezeki. Sedih but they have a great birthday juga on that day. cuma yaya pon dis-pointed lah kan dengan service yang macam tu. Sebab on the day yaya send parcel dia , one more parcel arrived safely kat customer satu lagi.

Takpe, past is past ...lepas ni yaya rasa untuk selamat...yang last minit order yaya nak by hand lah lagi senang..

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  1. yeah SUCKS BIG TIME, tapi takpelah we love the design and w had a great party anyway, and the label tag can be use as post-party goodies kan? thanks yaya!