Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NEW : Personalized stationaries

Our NEW item promo is back. This time is set of personalized Statinares. Suitable for Children age 3 and up... So mommies yang nak send birthday goodies to school , dont worry, this can make your kids happy. :)

Theme : can be requested , picture can be include .

p/s: Boleh add more stuff inside depends on your budget.

Aqiqah : Putera Safiuddin

Engagement : Bee & Am

Macaroon Sticker

Thanks to kak kaseh yang sentiasa order sticker dari yaya untuk bisnes cake,cupcake, dan yang terbaru Macaroons dia. Teringinnnn nak rasa. hehehehe. :P

Nak order kak kaseh di 012.2358344


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NEW : Cone Candy 01

Dah lama tak update NEW item di partees ni. So here a new item from parteesandsuch. Cone Candy 01.Insert dia boleh dipelbagaikan mengikut creativity anda.

Promotion Price : RM1.20 / pack
Included : Personalized label and Nips Choc 


Email me @ :
for more details


Angry bird : Flag Banner

Flag Banner


Ultraman Theme

Personalized label size M


Minnie Mini Choc

Personalized Mini Choc
Pack of 3
with label



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Majlis Pertunangan Cookies

Love shape cookies pack with personalized label