Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Small Nips with personalized label

Order from regular customer Azura from putrajaya.
300packs of Nips with personalized label

thanks a lot

ni antara job2 sebelum tutup buku nak deliver baby dah ni. hehe


Happy birthday Irfan

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aryenn & Dhirenn

Order from Kavita - bangsar. For her kids aryenn & dhirenn which turning 6 and 1. Thanks a lot for ordering. :) Hope they like it. :)

 Square shape sticker

Notepad - with personalized cover 


p/s: see how chubby my hand is. hahaha. well... im getting bigger in my 32weeks of pregnancy. :) Pray for my easy and safe delivery ya!

Airis is 2 : ladybug theme

Flower shape sticker size M and Bag label size M

Ladybug theme


Monday, March 4, 2013

Majlis Aqiqah Nur Fatihah Damia

Assalamualaikum... order kali ini dari putrajaya, untuk baby Nur Fatihah Damia untuk majlis aqiqahnya. Mummy dia request paperbag , but yaya suggest dia guna paperbag yang lain sikit untuk baby girl, but still plain paperbag. Bahagian depan yaya stick kan sticker L size flower shape. Paperbag tu dah cukup cantik sebab ada heart shape pada bahagian tengah yang boleh nampak personalized yassin and mini mineral didalamnya. :)

Mini Yassin for Majlis Kesyukuran