Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nur & Esq wedding : The Candy's buffet

I been quite buzie this whole week. Maybe sebab cuti sekolah and ramai nak buat majlis. Other than that, i got this two little occasion which happen on saturday and sunday. Fuhh...dah settle akhirnya. All those preparation and printing and so on. im glad both of my customer are happy. I pon happy juga lah. Wake up as early as 5 am to finish everything and sampai dekat function jam 9pagi nak setup semua nya. But in sunday, my partner , ilmaar take over. Mak demam noks. Hahaha. Actually bukan penat setup tu tau, penat settle on printing stuff . Carik bahan2 dan sebagainya. Setup kejap aje. :) Angkut Auf sekali pagi2 naseb ade orang tolong jagakan dia. Thanks nur sista!

Me and my son. I love you too baby! ke. hehe.
dah big boy dah


candy's/dessert table : start from rm400

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