Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bag Label

we noticed that OUR BEST SELLING ONE is the bag label. :) Syukur Alhamdullilah. As before this, i just make one size of the bag label and now im upgrading them to 3 sizes. :) best kannn....hehehe. perasan lebih. :P

Size S  - come with plastics bag 3" X 5"
- usually dalam tu boleh letak 2-3pcs marshmallow , atau coklat kecik2. hehe 
Size M - come with plastics bag 4" X 6" (best seller)
-yang ni biasanya yang letak apam 3pcs tu.
Size L  - come with plastics bag 8" X 5" 
-atau boleh juga clip pada white/brown paper bag 

*note : white/brown paper bag sold separately.

So make your choice and email/sms me for more details okey!


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