Sunday, December 18, 2011

INFO : Our custom made sticker

Hai. Assalamualaikum.

Ada beberapa soalan yang sering ditanya ketika tempahan dibuat. so far saya akan try jawab menepati kehendak anda.:)


How do our sticker works?

Just peel the back side and walaa... u can stick to anywhere you want. Even into a plastics bottle.:)

How thick the sticker is?
its 160gram which assuming combination of 3pcs of normal A4 paper.

Is the sticker pricy?
For a good quality sticker , custom made design of your choice and glossy finishing , what do u expect. but our price its always affordable .Don't worry :)

How long do it takes for the printing?
As its handmade, It depends on how much the order is.  it takes for about one week for production part. 


Beside you order a sticker for your goodie bags, u can also order sticker for :

1) Party badge (Inspired by theme park style)
Kids love party. If u do it at home its ok, but if u do a party at somewhere else like nursery or school, u don't even notice other kids name. :) and this where the sticker works.

2) Party mug 
I don't talk about Disposable plastics mug. Buy a cheap-but-nice plastics mug and stick the sticker there. and then kids can take back home as souvenir.

3) As gift tag
Newborn present, wedding present, birthday present. all need tag. Create a standard of your family tag which can be put into those present by you!

so that all for now. thanks for viewing parteesandsuch and thanks for ordering. Love ya!


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