Monday, October 17, 2011

Cookies for Johannif wedding door gift

Hai there friends.

Sorrylah bz sangat pass few days. Bawak lil Auf pergi have fun sabtu and ahad. Yelah, bonda and ayah working non-stop Mon to friday , and i got back at 8 the whole week make me so tired. Kerja makan gaji macam tulah kan. Hehehe. Then i feel guilty to my son. Sebab 9.30 nanti dah nak tidur , sejam setgh je bonda spend time with you sayang. 

Oklah, taknak cerita panjang2. sorry. Last week we got order from ibu johannif for her first son wedding. So i make my mother baking some cookies here. Sebab jangan harap tuan punya blog nak baking for sure tak jadi. :P

So here you go.

300pcs Butter cookies as door gift. Nicely wrapped with custom label. :)
Dont worry because we seal every single cookie with hot sealer so that cookies tu tahan lama.


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